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Message From President

Kazi Rafiqul Alam

Dhaka Ahsnia Mission

Cancer is no longer considered a mortal disease provided it is detected and treated in time. Bangladesh has a number of hospitals which are providing world class treatment in curing various diseases but not Cancer. Cancer treatment, requiring a very long and expensive procedure, is still beyond the reach of the average people of our country, let alone the question of the poor masses. To the general mass Cancer is a killer of the patients as well as their families because of the exorbitant treatment cost which drains out a family fortune. The fortunate ones are seeking treatment abroad at the cost of taking out valuable foreign exchange. Ahsania Mission’s endeavor is to establish a world class healthcare center to serve all sections of the people in need of Cancer treatment on one hand and helping to save valuable foreign exchange, on the other. All your support for the service of the suffering humanity will ever remain in the hearts of the people of Bangladesh.

As part of our fight against cancer we shall create scope for early diagnostic services at the door step of the people. We shall create awareness among people early detection of cancer and giving up habits which keeps away cancer at a distance. This hospital will create facilities for family comfort of cancer patients of the disease. The quality treatment for cancer which will be available at this hospital will also save much valuable time of cancer patients.

I once again thank you all for your contributions, and I expect to keep you updated about the progress in our hospital project.